• Manage, communicate and maintain good standing relationship with all customers and assist them should they require any information regarding their repair orders, work scope, daily shipments, discrepancies and other inquires.
  • Respond to inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Answering phones and transferring calls to the appropriate person.
  • E-mail work order estimates.
  • Organize daily shipping requirements (eg. Via daily phone calls, shipping reports, paperwork).
  • Monitor, receive, process and upload customer approvals. Follow-up on overdue customer approvals.
  • Advise stores and production of quote approvals.

Work Orders

  • Release parts on the work order.
  • Pull original customer repair orders, original tire certificates and release all Wheel, Brake and NDT work orders.
  • Produce, review and complete daily and/or weekly WIP and status update reports.
  • Create estimates and invoices for all Wheel, and Brake work orders.
  • Maintain filing systems.