Dynamic Balance Equipment and Services

Hope Aero is an authorized distributor of the Honeywell-Chadwick Dynamic Balancing product line, formally known as Chadwick Helmuth. Our Dynamic Balancing specialists can provide on-demand balancing services that provide a “snap shot” of propeller / rotor balance conditions.  Our “snap shot” readings allow for immediate, actionable maintenance to be preformed to improve balance and performance.

Dynamic Balancing is the process of fine-tuning the precise balance of aircraft propellers, turbofans and helicopter rotor systems to achieve the smoothest possible operation.

For passengers and aircrew, dynamic balancing has the immediate benefit of providing a smoother, quieter experience by reducing noise and vibration transmitted through the aircraft into the cabin.

For aircraft owners and maintenance departments, well-balanced propellers and rotors can extend part life. The cost savings that result from reduced component wear, coupled with a more enjoyable cabin environment for passengers and crew, make dynamic balancing a valuable investment for aircraft owners and operators alike.


Zing Test – Vibrex 2000 Plus (Chadwick)

The Honeywell Chadwick Vibrex 2000 Plus is a digital dynamic balancer that uses modern technology to ensure fast, reliable results. It is designed to accomplish a wide range of tasks, including propeller balancing on all fixed-wing aircraft and rotor tracking and balancing on both two-blade and three-blade helicopter rotor systems.

Zing Test – Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus (Chadwick)

The Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus is the latest addition to the Vibrex 2000 product line.  The enhanced digital dynamic balancer expands on the features of the 2000 Plus.  This new balancer can be used along with the optical Fastrak blade tracker, replacing the need to manually operate the Strobex on your helicopter.  It also comes with the ability to save and recall propeller balance configurations.  The Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus comes in both a helicopter and Fixed-Wing Variant.  Each balancer comes with over 25 pre-programmed software applications.

Zing Test – VXP Ground-Based System (Chadwick)

The VXP is the most powerful ground-based system available for vibration-based maintenance. It performs helicopter rotor tracking and balancing, component balancing, engine analysis and complex vibration surveys with ease. The Honeywell Chadwick VXP is designed to support virtually all aircraft vibration test and balancing requirements.

Zing Test – Elite

The Honeywell Zing Test Elite is the newest addition to the renowned Zing product line of condition-based maintenance solutions. The Zing Test Elite is an easy-to-operate tool for performing helicopter rotor smoothing, engine performance checks, component balancing, vibration surveys and complex vibration component analysis. The Zing Test Elite can reduce the number of measuring and verification flights, saving the expense of numerous maintenance flights and improving the operational availability of aircraft being serviced. Aircraft spend less time in service and more time in the air, earning their keep.

On-Board Systems

On-board diagnostic equipment is permanently installed on individual aircraft to collect ongoing data during normal flight operations. On-board systems collect data continuously, without the need for technician monitoring or intervention. Data is simply downloaded to a portable DU (Display Unit – PC) after a number of flights and then analyzed by ground-based software that examines trends in the engine and components. The system also provides track and balance solutions that can be undertaken when a suitable maintenance window becomes available. This allows for early detection of potential problems before they become real problems.

Like everything we do at Hope Aero, equipping our customers with the right on-board system helps aircraft spend more time in the air and less time in maintenance, saving what is precious: both time and money.

As with carry-on systems, continual technological improvements allow us to provide our customers with a range of on-board solutions. With the largest inventory and widest range of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the most experience in the industry, Hope Aero can provide you with the equipment and training necessary to meet your analysis needs.

Zing HUMS – VXP On-Board (Chadwick)

This lightweight on-board vibration diagnostic unit provides continuous monitoring without human intervention and with a quick data download capability (just 30 seconds) that speeds transfer of vital data and trends to ground support software. Integrated track and balance data provides the user with the most advanced track and balance solution along with expanded Smart Chart technology. Zing Ware Vib Review is an easy-to-use importing, trending and alerting software tool that can provide reports and trend information at the aircraft or at the maintenance trending office.

VMS II for Dash 8

The VMS II for the Dash 8 is a permanent on-board system that automatically collects propeller balance data during normal flight operations. Downloading this data to a portable PC provides the maintenance specialists with perfect weight-optimizing solutions using the ground-based software provided.