Machining – In House Servicing 

Hope Aero machinists are highly-skilled and experienced in the repair or modification of key components using a number of precise processes that speed the turn time for repair/overhaul. In house machining allows for longer life from expensive aviation parts. Returning parts to serviceable status instead of replacement significantly reduces overhaul expenses for your aircraft and your fleet.

Hope Aero has a machine shop sufficiently equipped to be able to perform the repairs and modifications allowed by the OEM as detailed in their ICA’s such as the following:

  • Surface grinding of steel brake rotors.
  • Bushing repairs of wheel tie-bolt holes, brake key pin and bolt holes.
  • Wheel and brake bearing bore re-boring, bushing and sleeve installations.
  • Aluminum propeller re-work such as: blade shank machining, fillet cutting, blade butt facing, thrust ring grinding.
  • Propeller de-ice slipring re-surfacing.
  • Aluminum propeller hub pilot bore re-boring, mounting surface dowel hole repair and mounting hole repairs.